Austin Trip 2009

Friday Night: Robertson's, Adam's

The start of this Austin trip actually started in Houston. My former supervisor, Joe Robertson, is a fanatic of the local Houston eatery, Star Pizza. As a former employee of Joe, it is still my duty to deliver a pie from Star Pizza to his dwelling in Austin. The first couple of pictures of this set is Joe and his lovely wife Suloni at their cozy home. After catching up with the Robertson's, I went down to Adam's place to chill. As you can see, Adam is part of a five person boy band called D-pod's Rub Tub Club. You go girls!

Saturday AM: Matera's Cafe Java, Craig's, Taco C, Tavern

So after a long night Friday night, Saturday came with sun a blazin'. When you are used to waking up early for work, you kind of get use to the routine. So haven't had a decent breakfast in ages, I decided to go to one of my favorite places to eat breakfast in Austin, Java Cafe. Got the Big Country Breakfast, which is biscuits and gravy, some sunny side up eggs, sausage patties and a plate of hashbrowns with a good ole glass of milk. Tis is the Brekkie of Champions.

After breakfast went back to the temporary dwelling, Scooter's den, and started the trek to Craig's home with Luis and Scoot. While waiting for Craig the slumbering giant to get into his underpants, we see the butterfly destruction that the Jimmy gaveth. The road trip then made a quick stop over at Taco C for their breakfasts before we headed to the Tavern for our viewing of the Texas-OU Red River Shootout (or lack there of...).

Eventually we got a good group together in very nice weather to a point that people from Oregon got out of their Camaro to join us. It was a good game, good weather and good people.

Saturday PM: Alamo, Saucer

After a quick regroup/shower from leaving the Tavern the group headed along to the Alamo Drafthouse to watch the movie 'Where the Wild Things are'. Not a bad movie but it did made me remember the creative childhood that I did not have.

From the Drafthouse we headed over to the Flying Saucer from some evening drinks. As you can see from the pictures we saw some fail at the bank on our way to the Saucer which had to be noted. (one more reason why I terminated my account at Chase)

Haven't been to the Saucer in Austin (been to the one in Houston) but because it was OU weekend, it was quite dead when compared to the usual weekend. A couple beverages were downed and a couple of stories were told but all in all, everything that I was confused or not know about Whitis were explained completely.


Sunday: Juan's, Whitis, Campus, Co-op, Comics

Sunday the last day of this weekend's adventure back to the city that I loved. Early riser again so I just drove the Mopac for old time sake before we headed down to Juan in a Million for their world famous 'Don Juans'. I managed to scarf down two of them in record time but the potatoes got me. As you can see a good turn out followed by horrible head counting lead to two tables in total opposites of the eatery.

After Juan's, we went to Whitis to revisit the location that brought us all together for the first time. I wished we had a grill when all of us lived there. Managed to show our ninja skills in infiltrating into F just to see that they have recliners now. Fuuuuuuuu... Just because our arrival to Whitis was such a big occasion, the infamous albino squirrel made an apperance twice, once to show off and again to moon me. Quick trip around campus, had a frosty from the Wendy's in the Union (which was delicious, BTW) and saw the azn sensations practicing for the upcoming festival.

Headed our way to the Co-op for some redicious fashion and parted ways with Kellen. Headed back to Campus just to find out that the Flu Season is here. Finally went to the local comic book store just to marvel at the selection and to see the Hulk in real life.

Overall, it was a great trip with great things to see, everlasting memories and overall confirmation that we are all douchebags. *Hi 5*