Tuan Vo’s History with Anime

I will warn beforehand that this is going to be quite a long post as it has taken me a couple of days to gather my thoughts. I will break it down into time periods as it is easier (well for me at least) to organize it. With the disclaimer out of the way, I hope you enjoy the ride.


Before High School (pre-2000)


So unlike most people I was brought up with Anime/Manga at a very early age.


I guess you would call anime in this time period as ‘classics’ or ‘vintage’. Most of the first Animes that I watched were sports related. These include, Aoki Densetsu Shoot! and Captain Tsubasa (Futbol), Prince of Tennis (TeniPuri) and Touch (Baseball). I also watched Kindaichi Shounen no Jinkenbo (Detective Series) and to this day I still love Detective/Mystery Animes. (…Gosick anyone?)


It was also at this time that I watch CLAMP’s classic Cardcaptor Sakura. After many years, CCS still has a place on my current computer. I also watch Battleship Yamato in its glory but to be honest, I don’t remember much.


Not to be outdone, I did watch American broadcast Anime (WB tsunami) which includes, yes, the original Pokémon. Till this day, I still have my Pokémon cards stashed somewhere in the very room I am typing this.


Cardcaptor Sakura courtesy of Check Anime Blog
Cardcaptor Sakura courtesy of Check Anime Blog

High School (2000-2004)


When I started high school, I finally had the ability to start fansubbing Anime. The very first project I was on was CLAMP’s Angelic Layer (Timer: AznGuy). Just like CCS, I still have Angelic Layer on this computer also. I started doing TL work for some Animes on my free time during high school. (X 1999 TV series/ Hikaru no Go) I watched and loved Initial D during this time and my current car, 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX was most likely influenced from the series, yup.


Also during this time while our class went on a field trip to the beach, I stumbled upon an Anime that was on Adult Swim one night. It was called Pilot Candidate in English and it took me a couple of years later to find the series on one of my trips to Japan. (It is called Megami Kouhosei, if you are interested in it.)


X 1999 (TV) courtesy of Anime Characters Reviews Blog
X 1999 (TV) courtesy of Anime Characters Reviews Blog

UT (2004-2008)


After high school, I attended the University of Texas in Austin for college. Since my college schedule was more flexible than any other time in my life, I was able to squeeze in some more Anime TL. Some of my favorites during this time include the all funny bread making anime (Yakitate Japan), another car Anime series (Wangan Midnight) and my very first Macross series Macross 7. On Thursdays, I would hang out with a friend at his Co-op and watch Bleach/Naruto while eating cereal and milk. Sometimes I miss the simple pleasures in life.


I also started to help typeset some Animes in the summer time. These Anime includes Air, the Clannad series and Paranoia Agent. I only had once class to attend in my senior year so it was then that I was mostly involved with fansubbing. I started to keep up with the new CLAMP series Tsubasa Chronicle and the new baseball Anime Cross Game at this time.


The day before the last final I needed to take to graduate, I randomly flipped on the TV and started watching an Anime movie on the school’s TV channel. It was later on that I found out the movie I watch was Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Overture to a New War. From then on, LoGH has been my all time favorite Anime. Yes, I passed the class.


Legend of the Galactic Heroes courtesy of Minitokyo
Legend of the Galactic Heroes courtesy of Minitokyo

Work (2008-Current)


After I graduated from UT, I went straight to work and have ceased my fansubbing activities. I’ve started to be more active on the forums not as a staff member but merely as a watcher of Anime. However, sometimes I still do receive some fansubbing work that just needs to be done when others are busy. My last projects were Makoto Shinkai movies which are my favorites. (5cm per second and The Place Promised in Our Early Days) With my abilities, I am able to pick up some items for many groups. (BDs, figures, etc.)


Currently, I am watching more Anime than ever before however that doesn’t mean I am not helping out my past. I have been blessed with a good job so I’ve been anonymously donating to fansub groups as I know it is hard work what they are doing, even though they still give me a hard time about it =P 


I've posted a completed anime list in the blog post below.


Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? courtesy of Doki Fansubs
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? courtesy of Doki Fansubs

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  • #1

    Nopy (Sunday, 27 February 2011 23:14)

    I didn't know you did fansubs before. It seems to me that fansubbers usually leave behind anime altogether when they quit. The only foray I've had into fansubbing was helping to typeset and "translate" some parody subs. If you look for Prism Ark episodes 3-5, you might find them.

    It's good that you still help out some of the fansub groups with getting stuff. Until someone decides to start selling more anime here, they're basically all I have if I want to watch anime.

  • #2

    Tuan D. Vo (Friday, 11 March 2011 21:19)

    Fan-subbing was more of a fun hobby for me. I know some fansubbers where it eventually became a chore or get fed up with people that troll their sites that they left with the bad aftertaste in their mouth.

    I never had to deal with those issues so I was able to stay in the game and leave when I felt like I could support them in a different way.

  • #3

    johnlee (Saturday, 26 March 2011 01:16)

    my fave anime of all time is Sasuke